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Flags & Hardware How-To's

boat flag poles
Stainless Steel Boat Flag Pole Installation (Video)
Taylormade demonstrates the installation of one of their boating flag poles. ... read more

Video Transcript

Hi I would like to show you our new stainless steel flagpoles. Now we offer these in a variety of sizes from lengths of 18 inches up to 48 inches, made of 304 stainless. Now they come complete with a cast stainless finial, flag clips and an angled top mount base. Now each of the poles also comes complete with all the mounting hardware necessary, all stainless fasteners and the larger poles come complete with a real heavy-duty stainless washer to help support the gunnel, given the weight of such a substantial piece.

Now the boat we’re using today has already had one of these flagpole mount installed, but I’ll walk you through that process nevertheless. The first thing you have got to do is choose the spot on your boat where you’re going to mount this. Now 18, 24 and 30 inch poles are going to just go with the surface mount, so you don’t have to be concerned with what’s underneath the gunnel. When you get into the longer length poles the 36 and the 48 inch ones, you want to mount it in a spot where you have access up underneath the gunnel because you have a substantial washer that you’re going to have to bolt all the way through.

So once you have established where on the boat you’re going to mount the base. The idea is to put it in place, mark the three mounting holes with a pen or marker. Then with a 1/8 inch drill bit and electric drill, drill through those pre-marked holes. Now a word of advice on drilling through fiberglass, you want to drill very straight and very slow until you get through that top surface of the gel coat. Once your holes are drilled, it’s a very good idea to take maybe a Phillips head bit and just chamfer the top edge of those holes a little bit. It will stop those little spider web cracks from occurring.

With the holes in place it’s a simple matter of just mounting the base. Word of caution, make sure you angle your staff towards the stern of the boat, and never forget to do that. Then it’s a simple matter of installing the three stainless steel #10 screws through the base and into the mounting holes that you have drilled. Now remember on the larger stainless steel flagpoles, you’re going to put this washer up underneath the gunnel of the boat and instead of top mount you're going to drill and bolt all the way through.

For our 23 foot boat we’ve chosen the 24 inch flagpole and to go with it; it doesn’t come with the flagpole but available separately at all of our retailer and distributor customers. We have chosen the 16” x 24” American flag. This is a high-end flagpole that deserves a high-end sewn flag with embroidered stars. So now it’s a simple matter of installing the flag onto the flag clips on your flagpole.

Okay we’re going to remove the screws from the flag clips. Align the grommet and the flag with the ends of the clips, install the screw back in. Okay you want to make sure that both of the flag clips are aligned and then tightened down with a slided screw driver to finish the installation. With the flag installed in the clips, slide the pole fully down into the base, orient the flag to the stern and secure with a thumb screw at the base. Then when you’re done it’s a simple matter of loosening the thumbscrew. Remove the flag and remember you never want to store the flag wet so make sure it’s good and dry before you put it away for long storage.
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pontoon flag pole
Pontoon Flag Pole Installation Guide (Video)
A demonstration by Taylormade on how to install a pontoon boat flag pole. ... read more

Video Transcript

Hi I would like to show you our new Pontoon flagpole kit. Now this is one unit that you can buy that includes the flag staff, now it’s offered into lengths 24 inches and 30 inches. It’s a bright dipped anodized aluminum tube, comes complete with molded finial, our patented Charlevoix flag clips and an injection molded base. Now the base is 1 inch wide designed to mount onto the top of the rails on a Pontoon boat, hence the term. However these things can be mounted anywhere, anywhere you have a flat enough surface, whether it’s a Pontoon boat or whether it’s a v-hull runabout, aluminum fiber glass, it doesn’t really matter. Any place where you have a 1 inch flat enough surface to mount it, you can use this flagpole socket.

Now in addition to the pole and the base and the flag clips, it also comes complete with our deluxe sewn US flags. The 24 inch flagpole comes with a 12” x 18” flag. The 30 inch pole comes with a 16”x 24”. This base is mounted using self-tapping screws. So there’s really no need to even drill mounting holes. So the idea is once you’ve found your location, with a drill and a Phillips head bit, you can mount that right into your boat.

Okay secure the flag to the Charlevoix flag clips through the grommets. Tighten to secure and then the base of the pole has snap buttons in it. So it’s a simple matter of pushing the buttons in and of pole snaps right into your base. To remove simply squeeze the button and out it comes.
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