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Bunks Vs. Rollers

There is much discussion among boaters concerning bunker trailers versus roller trailers. While there are plenty of advantages as well as disadvantages for both trailer styles, the popular opinion seems to ... read more concede that bunker trailers are more practical and more accessible. However, it comes down to personal preference and what type of boat the owner possesses.

Below are two images showing how the two rollers look:

Rollers Bunkers
Example of Trailer Rollers Boat Trailer Bunkers
Roller trailers have small wheels that allow the boat to slide on and sit in place and be strapped to the trailer with tie downs. Some boaters hesitate to purchase roller trailers because the boat may not be as securely tied to the trailer as a bunker, especially when traveling. It does have an edge on loading a boat onto the trailer because the boat can just slide forward easily.

However, if you are looking for prime security to the trailer and protection, the bunker trailer may be a better option. Loading it onto the trailer does require some more effort, but it is safer when traveling, especially at high speeds. Furthermore, it will protect the hull. In some cases, damage to the hull will not be covered through warranty if it the damage is done by a trailer. Boats are also more prone to fall off of roller trailers than bunker trailers. Bunkers also require less maintenance over time than rollers do.

Ultimately, it comes down to where you load/launch your boat. In some scenarios, rollers may be a better choice over bunkers and vice versa. We do recommend consulting with a trailering technician before making any purchases.

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