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Video Transcript

Hey everybody its Rob Nelson. We’re making a whole bunch of boating videos through One of them though is about trailering and launching your boat. Putting that boat into the water via your trailer is actually a really critical step and it’s important to be safe. So here’s a little clip we made. This shows you some steps that you can take to launch your boat safely. Check it out.

Launching your boat! Whew partner not that one. The winch line stays attached until just before we back the boat off the trailer. Is there anything else we’re forgetting? Oh yes you don’t want to forget this little thing. You'd be surprised how much water can flow into a launched boat before someone realizes they forgot to put in their drain plug. So do yourself a favor and make sure yours is properly in place.

All right the trailer lights are disconnected. The tie-down straps are undone. The drain plug is in place. The winch is still secure. There’s a rope tied to the bow. Haley is going to drive, you are going to help with directions and we are going to go through the rest of the launching procedure.

With our life jackets on, we back the trailer far enough into the water until the boat is floating. We set the vehicle parking brakes. The engine is lowered started and warmed up. The winch line is undone and the boat is in reverse.

Now you have it we are launched.

So if you like that clip, you can see the whole video which is here at a site where you can get certified in boat safety. Also make sure you leave comments and thanks for watching, we’ll see you next time.

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