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Towable Tubes How-To's

Proper Inflation for Tubes and Inflatables
A few years ago, I bought an inflatable as a Christmas present for a friends boating-enthusiast family.  I was warned: "In this family, tubes don't last more than a few times out, if that".  After doing some research, I still got them the tube; I just made sure they fully read the instructions. ... read more

Water Tubes

So why do some families cycle through inflatable tubes like motor oil while others tube-purchase-cycles more closely resemble the frequency of solar eclipses?  Technically there is no one answer but there is one best answer: Under-Inflation.

An underinflated tube will not have the same buoyancy as one fully inflated, forcing the tube through the water rather than on top of the water.  If you've ever gotten on an inflatable and the tube started diving in the water when the boat started forward, it's likely that your tube needed more air.  An underinflated tube is also more likely to rip with rugged use as there is more flexibility in the walls.

Finding the right amount of air pressure:
Most tubes do well with about 2 psi, but your tube manufacturer will likely include specs in the instruction manual/pamphlet.  A rule of thumb SportsStuff suggests is to inflate the tube and have an adult stand on it.  If the adult sinks more than a few inches (and the adult's not.. massive), the tube still needs to be inflated.

Also consider that the air in the tube will contract when used in cold water, so make sure to check the tube's air pressure periodically and re-inflate as needed.

Don't  be fooled into thinking your towable is inflated when an electric air pump ceases to increase air pressure.  Many electric pumps, especially 12v electric pumps designed to plug into cigarette adapters, do not have the power to fully inflate a tube.  In this case, you'll want to use a manual pump to finish off the job.  However, if you have the luxury of having access to a 120v power supply, there are heavier duty air pumps that will fully take care of the job, such as Sports Stuff 3psi Electric pump

Lastly, don't forget the old adult-boat-tube-wars saying: "no blood? no bruises? don't bother, you're a sissy."

Photo by hweeds

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boat tube
How to Rig a Tube for Transport on a Boat (Video)
Carrying a tube that is inflated on a boat can take up a lot of space. This is how I tie a tube to my boat for transport, when I'm not towing the tube behind the boat. ... read more

Video Transcription

Hi everyone Irix Guy here. Now we’re in the back of a Bayliner 185 boat and I wanted to show everyone how to rig a; and this isn’t towing as in you would ride it but this is transport. So if you’ve been tubing and you need to put some people in the boat. You need to just have some room some visibility. This is how I would recommend tying a tube off.

There are some kits on the internet you can get. You have to spend some money, this and the other as you know I’m very cheap. So what I did with the dock line that I already had, I rigged my own solution. So basically all I did, this is the Orion gladiator tube and it’s got these little belt type material there in they would just pretty tall. So what I’ll do is I’ll run it through that. I’ll tie off one side. This is just a handle on the inside of the boat. Do not and I repeat do not use your canopy because nothing even something lightweight, nothing should be tied to that. It will damage your canopy and there is a risk of it falling off.

So I tie it to the handle on that side, I run into this side of the tube, that side of the tube. Position the tube far enough back to where there’s a room on the inside of the boats. But not so far back that if there was a little bit of slack that came into play which they shouldn’t be because of how I tied this. That it wouldn’t fall off and get chopped up by the prop.

So this is just a good easy rig for transporting your tube on the boat. So again, tie and knot on that side. Now I could probably be a bit and knot tie. Run it through here, make sure you got some attention, and tie it over here. And what I did since I had another handle. I did an extra double reassurance knot over there, so if one of them failed then I would have another one. But this will work; this boat only goes about 45 miles an hour so this should be more than enough security to keep this tube on the boat.

Thanks for tuning in and feel free to check out my other videos on YouTube too.
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WOW sports

WOW World of Water Sports (Video)

WOW World of Water Sports carries a wide assortment of water tubes and inflatables. ... read more

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About Towable Tubes

Do You Like The Thrill of Riding Inflatable Tubes or Towables?

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