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Fishing Gear & Equipment How-To's

10 Item Fishing Checklist

Fishing 101: The Fishing Equipment Checklist (Video)

Here is a video walking you through the top 10 item every angler need to have when fishing.... read more

Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Gene Allison with Shakespeare Fishing. We're here to talk with you today about putting together a checklist of the 10 items that you need to have a successful day of fishing.

The first thing on my checklist is a fishing license. Don't ever leave him without your fishing license. In addition, a great tackle bag that'll have your pliers in there and your tools for cutting during the day. That tackle bag helps me carry the baits that I need based on what's today's environment, as well as what time of the year it is, what colors that I need.

I make sure that I bring a bottle of water so that I stay hydrated when I'm on the water. I also bring sunscreen to protect me from the sun as well as sunglasses to protect my eyes from glare and a hat that will keep the sun off my face.

And of course, don't leave home without a fishing rod and a fishing reel.

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Fishing Gear & Bass Fishing Tips

Professional Bass Fishing Tips

Many boaters and fishermen often ponder how they can have more successful and enjoyable bass fishing experiences. Those who make a serious hobby out of bass fishing might find ... read more the following guidelines and tips to prove useful during their next outing.

Bait and Luring
A fish won't come to the hook if you are not offering it the right bait. Different fish will respond to different types of bait, so it is important that you match the correct bait with the correct fish. A universal bait/lure that works well on various species of bass fish are called grubs, which is, especially effective on big smallmouth bass, but can also be effective on largemouth bass. Furthermore, the shape of the hook/bait will play a part in whether or not you are successful during your fishing experience. In the event of bass fishing, jigging spoons will be the best option in luring the fish to you. Spinnerbaits will not be nearly as effective as jigging spoons, so you will want to steer clear of spinner baits. In thicker waters, you will want to use swimming spoons.

Familiarize Yourself
Bass fish have their routines and habits that may prove useful to you as you plan your fishing trips. For example, there are certain times of year when the population of fish multiplies greatly. Specifically, the count is higher just before spawning season. Your chances of getting a great catch (or possibly even multiple catches) will be increased if you center your plans around the time before bass fish begin to spawn. However, if you find that you've caught a female bass, you should throw it back because the females should be able to begin/complete the spawning process.

Weather is also a clear indication of when and where the best times and place to plan your fishing trip. Obviously, harsh weather conditions are out of the question, but some milder weather conditions and the time of day could make every bit of difference as well. The best weather to go bass fishing in will be on cloudy or overcast days. In the sun, the fish will not stay around – it is in their nature to disperse and take shelter when the sun is out. It is not impossible to catch fish when it is sunny. They will be in more secluded areas that might be harder to access. Make the necessary preparations and you could have a decent chance of catching them in those areas.

As far as timing in the day, the same concept will apply as the weather factor. You should go swimming in the earlier hours of the morning when the sun isn't completely up yet, or later in the evening as the sun is setting. Practicing these techniques will improve your chances of fish being out and about and increasing your chance of catching them.

Keep all of these things in mind, and you will find that you have more memorable, successful, and enjoyable experiences in bass fishing with your friends and family.

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Fishing and Boating

Fishing and Boating

This Boat-Ed safety course video provides tips for safety while fishing from a boat. It recommends wearing a life jacket and not overloading your boat. Other boaters should steer clear of anglers fishing from boats. ... read more

Video Transcript

If you fish from a boat, think of yourself first as a vessel operator. Know and follow all safe boating laws and requirements. Pay attention to the capacity plate and don’t overload your boat. Most importantly, wear a life jacket.

Anglers using boats can be at risk. Unfortunately, anglers capsizing or falling overboard are common fatal boating accidents. Other operators who encounter fishing boat should slow down. Give them a wide berth and avoid making a wake.

Courtesy of
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