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Kayak Development Video

Predator Kayak Development (Video)

Here is an informative video talking about the characteristics, mechanics, and reason why the Predator Series is such an amazing piece of equipment. ... read more

Video Transcript

David Hadden:
The day on the water, I mean you can say what you want but it’s not successful unless you’re catching fish and that’s we set out to do. We want a fish catching machine.

Tammy Littlef:
We brought together our post offers, Sales and Marketing Department, Research and Development Department and Fishermen from all around the country.

David Hadden:
We want this to appeal to a guide fishing down in Texas. We want this to appeal to someone fishing at Maine, California, and the Rocky Mountains area.

Tim Magoon:
We’re drawing on the experience of folks that have been involved but not just producing the product but using them.

David Hadden:
We brought this group together and said okay let’s design the perfect boat.

Tammy Littlef:
We developed a prototype, we had to make some changes. We brought it back out, had to make a few more changes and then we were finally able to present this new kayak, we presented the Predator.

To me as a designer, when you first get in a boat, it is really nice when it feels good right off the bat - this is one of those boats.

Bob Mcdonough:
The first thing I noticed when I get in the boat and start paddling is this like, “Wow this is a quiet boat.” You know because it’s the first thing you feel when you get in the boat and then they’re going to start experiencing the stability and then they are going to start testing it.

And then I think you’ll get up and move to a higher seat position, get comfortable there. You’ll move to standing position, you’ll feel comfortable there.

Tim Magoon:
Once you sit in a Predator you’re going to be spoiled. The Predator seat is something unique, it’s a very comfortable seat but it also gives you access to the water.

Lucas Labree:
When you’re in a bass boat, you’re good 4 or 5 feet off the water depending on how you’re fishing. If you are in a canoe or a motorboat you’re a few feet off the water.

The Predator gives you right down on the surface of the water and as a fishing experience unlike any other.

Bob Mcdonough:
The systems that we’ve looked on this one is the way that you attach accessories to the boat. It means for sliding accessories on and off and we’ve got a plate. It allows you to attach parts to your boat so you don’t have to actually drill through the boat. So you can have your fish finder, your rod holders in multiple places where in the top feet of your boat.

Brandon Washburn:
Each of these features has put through the ringer by the quality department and myself to ensure that when our customer gets one of these boats it’s going to hold up to a lifetime abuse. The plastic we used for the Predator kayak is a custom blended material. Not only high flex modulus, but high impact resistance, too.

If you’re fishing in shallow water or a river, and you bump up against the rock, jam a log, it’s going to hold up to years of abuse; impact you don’t have to worry about it. I’m super excited about getting one in October, for duck hunting.

Lucas Labree:
It blew me away, I was so excited. I knew this was going to be my next fishing Kayak.

David Hadden:
When the competition sees what we’ve done, they’re going to say wow.

Tim Magoon:
Customization, plus comfort, plus stability equals the Predator.

Bob Mcdonough:
Predator does for fishing what Johnston Outdoor has always done for paddling. They get you closer to the water.

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How to Adjust Install your Seatback Video

Ocean Kayak Customer Service Tip of the Day How to Adjust Install your Seatback (Video)

Here you can watch the proper way to adjust, install, and make your seat as comfortable as possible. ... read more

Video Transcript

Hey, I’m John Ballesteros, Johnson Outdoors Customer Service Rep for Old Town Kayak. I’m here today to talk to you about installing your Ocean Kayak Seatback.

The main purpose of the seatback is to give you comfort and support while out on the water. So when installing your seatback, you’ve got four straps; two for the front, left and right side, two for the rear, left and right.

You then want to go ahead and connect these to the adjacent pad; front-left, front-right. Same goes for the rear; clip the rear one to the rear-right, and the rear-left.

When setting this up, you’re going to want to make sure that all of the straps are nice and tight. That way it gives you a lot of support and the seat isn’t sliding around on you while you’re out on the water. Go ahead and tighten those up. Same goes for the front straps. Ready to go.

Well, I hope that gives you a better understanding of how to install your seatback on your Ocean Kayak. Thanks again for watching, and happy paddling.

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