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Inflatable Life Jackets How-To's

Inflatable Life Jackets

Inflatable Life Jackets

Inflatable life jackets are lighter than traditional ones. You can open some manually, and there are types that automatically inflate if you end up in the water. Some even come in a pouch that you can wear around your waist. Capt. Richard Moore and Officer Dave Dipre explain about these life-saving devices in this Boat-Ed safety course video. ... read more

[Speaker 1]
Inflatable lifejacket technology these days offers you all kind of additional options, where you’re not having to deal with something that so hot and bulky and cumbersome.

They are a lot lighter; because of the lightweight they are not so uncomfortable. They have auto inflators so they can expand once you end up in the water or you can open them manually. They also have life saving devices that are in a pouch that you can wear around your waist.

You can actually wear the thing and don’t even realize that you have it on until you need it.

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onyx inflatable life jacket pfd

Onyx M24 Manual Inflatable Life Jacket (Video)

See the features of the new Onyx M24 manual Inflatable Life Jacket (PFD), presented by Onyx. ... read more

Video Transcript

This video will explain how to inflate, deflate, rearm and repack the Onyx M 24 Stole Inflatable Jacket. The Onyx M 24 can be inflated by simply pulling the Jerk To - Inflate handle. Now, I will take you to the deflation, the rearm, and the repack so your inflatable life jacket will be ready if you need it.

This life jacket has a manual inflator mechanism, a red indicator showing that this life jacket is not ready to be used, then inflated chamber, the oral inflation tube and the oral inflation cap, and a protective fabric cover.

First thing we need to do is remove and discharge CO2 cylinder. This is done by simply turning the cartridge counterclockwise until it is free from inflator mechanism. Notice the hole on the bottom of the CO2 cylinder, caused by the cylinder being discharged. Discard the cylinder.

Next, we need to deflate the inflatable chamber. To release the air, remove the cap from the oral inflation tube. Turnover and depress the protrusion of the cap into the valve inside the tube. This will open the valve and allow air to escape.

With one hand to pressing the valve in the oral tube, press off mostly air on the chamber. Then press all of the air out of the right chamber, fold over, then press the valve and squeeze off the rest of the air from the chamber. Do not ring your twist to the inflatable chamber when deflating. Replace the cap on the oral inflation tube with all the air out of the chamber, and is ready to be rearmed.

To rearm an Onyx K 301, rearm kit is required. This rearm kit includes a new CO2 cylinder and a green indicator tab. First, I need to reset the inflator lever and insert the green indicator tab that is included in the rearm kit. With the green indicator tab in place, I will install the CO2 cylinder from the rearm kit.

First, check the bottom of the CO2 cylinder and make sure there are no scratches or holes. The cylinder has a half inch thread. Simply line off the threads in the cylinder and the thread’s inflator mechanism, and turn the cylinder clockwise. So if you are firmly by hand, before going out in the water, always check that the green indicator tab and the CO2 cylinder are in place.

I can now repack the life jacket, so it will be ready to wear. Onyx Inflatable Life Jackets features a rely-a-pull guide that helps place the Jerk To-Inflate handle. Make sure the Jerk To-Inflate handle is placed below the chamber.

Using the full lines printed on a chamber, fold the edge of the yellow inflatable chamber under. Now, the front comes over. Match the hook and loop on the side of the cover. Press to secure the hook and loop. Using the full lines on the right side, fold the other side of the bladder under. Fold the front over. Match and secure the hook and loop.

Using the full lines on the upper part of the chamber, fold the chamber under so it is inside the cover. Match and secure the hook and loop. Make sure that the Jerk To-Inflate handle is accessible at the bottom of the life jacket. Now, you are ready to go back out on the water.
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Life Jackets Save Lives

Life Jackets Save Lives

This Boat-Ed safety course video provides tips for safety while fishing from a boat. It recommends wearing a life jacket and not overloading your boat. Other boaters should steer clear of anglers fishing from boats. ... read more

Video Transcript

The manufacturer said you really won’t believe the way this boat turns. This boat turns like no other boat does and so what I want you to do is get it up to about 45 mph and put it into a hard turn. Being a little skeptical I didn’t do it at 45, I backed down to about 38 and that’s the last time I saw that speedometer was running about 38. So I put the boat into a fairly hard turn and the first thing I immediately noticed was that this boat wasn’t turning like any boat I had ever run before. Most boats when you turn they will list to one side and hook and they will begin to make their turn. This boat turned flat which was really odd to me and I didn’t think a whole lot about until just part of the way through that turn a small wave that may have been a little less than a foot high, we hit it from the side. Then when we hit that little wave it was as if we had just hit a brick wall and instantly I was in the water.

And I can remember as I’m all of a sudden in the water completely disoriented. I had no idea which way was up. I knew the water was really cold; it was in the winter time in north Florida. I also realized that I hurt my right thigh, upper thigh was sore. It was kind of burning and I didn’t know if that meant I had been cut by something or exactly what that meant. The next thing I know, my inflatable lifejacket is inflating. I hear that blowing up and inflating around me and that was all fine and dandy because I knew that was going to take me to the top.

So I’m on a campaign. The goal for me is to get people to wear lifejackets because they don’t realize that it only takes an instant for you to end up in the water and then it’s easy to be disoriented. It doesn’t matter how well you swim, chances are by the time you go you’re going to be hurt somehow. You’re disoriented and trying to figure out how to keep myself a float. Even worse than that, if that boat’s still running and how are you going to avoid that boat and avoid getting hurt by that.

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About Inflatable Life Jackets

Life Jackets, Vest and Personal Floating Devices Saves Lives

The Inflatable PFD's and Fishing Life Jackets category is designed with our fishing customers in mind. Whether you're looking for a fishing vest equipped with a plethora of pockets for on-the-fly gear, or a compact and comfortable automatic or manual inflatable PFD, you're in the right place. Choose from top brands dedicated to safety such as Mustang Survival, SOSpenders, Kent and Revere. If you need a replacement CO2 re-arm kit or Bobbin Packet for your inflatable life jacket, we have those too.