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Popular boating electronics to improve your experience on the water

Boating Electronics – What They Are, And How They Improve My Boating Experience

Many people simply love being out in the lake, sea, or ocean. Maybe it’s because of the oneness with nature, or the wide open spaces, or for fun and recreation, or the peace and tranquility. Well, you can always take the memorable ... read more experience a notch higher by installing the following boating electronics.

Boat Stereo Systems

Marine Audio/Video

A lot of activities happen while out boating. And like many people you will certainly want to capture every moment and preserve the memories. You can achieve this by acquiring some marine audio and video equipment. The device will comprise of a video/DVD player/recorder and microphone.

Fish Finders, Sounders, Sonar & Accessories

If you love fishing or observing marine life, then you should invest in some equipment that will make the task easier. A sounder or fish finder helps you track fish with minimal effort. The sonar equipment emits energy pulses which detect fish and other marine life.


The marine radar has become one of the most important boating electronics. It’s no longer associated with large vessels or commercial ships. The device helps you navigate through bad weather and also alerts you of any obstacles that can’t be seen. Some models also have weather forecasting capabilities.

Boating GPS Chart Plotters & Accessories

Gone are the days when you had to rely on paper charts for navigation. In today’s world, you only need to observe electronic charts. They work using either a Pc or a GPS chart plotter. They are more detailed, easy to use and quite flexible. You can merge more than one chart type for example vector and raster charts.

Marine Antennas & Receivers

Communication is key if the intention is to have a stress-free boating experience. Clear communication lessens the probability of sending or receiving the wrong information. This is most critical when danger looms. Quality marine antennas and receivers are vital for sending clear signal and messages.

VHF Radios & Communication

Good communications between crew members and also with other sailors is important. To ensure communication lines are clear, it’s vital to use VHF devices. When choosing the communication device, it's essential to go for types that aren’t affected by wave interference.The boating electronics also needs to have a wide frequency range, waterproof and durable.

Communication Devices

Electronics Accessories

Electronic accessories meant for a boat; yacht or ship come in an extensive collection. This includes sonar, GPS, satellite television, chart plotter, self-steering gear/autopilot, electronic compass, fuel management, weather meters and much more. They are made from durable material which is also resistant against water and the salty atmosphere.

Marine Digital Instruments

There are several factors that may interfere with the boat’s operation. This ranges from the weather, fuel management, engine performance, etc. To monitor different elements, it’s beneficial to use digital meters. These may be a thermometer, hygrometer, wind vane, anemometer, barometer, fuel gauge, pressure gauge and more.


Transducers are becoming one of the most important boating electronics. The devices emit sonar or sound waves for easy detection of fish and other creatures. A good transducer has a broad beam (cone angle) hence covers a wide area. High-frequency types are suited for shallow water while low-frequency transducers are more effective in deep water.

Display Mounts

Various electronics or equipment may be installed on the deck or in the cabin. Common accessories include satellite televisions, video recorders, displays, monitors, or speakers. They are connected using specific mounts which not only secure them, but also minimize the wastage of space.

Marine Auto Pilot Systems

The marine autopilot also known as self-steering gear makes it possible to steer the boat with minimal human involvement. This allows you to concentrate on other activities such as reading the electronic charts, observing the fish finder, or any other activity. It is especially helpful during the harsh storm or weather.

Solar Power Boating Accessories

A lot of demand placed on the power system. This may lead to the draining of a battery or overworking the alternator. The negative effect can be reduced by installing a solar system and accessories. These include solar panels, solar water heaters, solar chargers and others.

Boat Electronics Videos

Marine video is aimed at improving the enjoyment in the boat. It is comprised of LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) televisions, LCD monitors, and marine screens that are ideally suited for marine use. Besides providing quality entertainment, the boating electronics can also withstand the sea weather. They can be mounted easily at various positions.

Receivers and Monitors

Marine Weather Receivers & Monitors

Going out to the sea or following a certain route is usually determined by the weather. Information about the weather can be monitored using instruments such as Pyranometer, rain gauge, barometer and more. You may also use a receiver to tune into stations that broadcast or update on the weather.

Antifouling Systems

Boat owners always go through a lengthy process to get rid of barnacles. They also complain of high-fuel mileage and low-engine performance. All these issues plus more can be taken care of by installing an antifouling system.

Metal Detectors

As a hobbyist or collector, you will fancy the idea of having a metal detector as part of your boating electronics. This device will help you locate any precious metal. The detector works by emitting sound pulses into the water. It will detect a coin or precious metal by picking up the return signal/ echo.

Marine Electronic Navigation Charts & Software

Electronic charts have replaced the paper charts used for navigation. The chart can be viewed using a Pc, laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, or iPad. There are several software programs used to plot and read the charts. The most common include Lawrence, Chart viewer, Furuno, Garmin, Raymarine and many others.

Marine Multi-Function Network Units

The marine multi-function network unit integrates a number of functions in the boat. This gives you a single point for controlling devices such as music, video, autopilots, digital radar scanners, digital fish finders and many others. It also comes with Bluetooth, WI-Fi, Ethernet connectivity as well as multiple displays.

Hauling the fish on board, or trying to angle the elusive marlin, or bluefin can be made more entertaining and convenient by installing various boating electronics. This will allow you simply to sit on the deck and gaze at the sea while enjoying some soothing music. You may also decide to let the autopilot take charge of the yacht, or ship.
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Marine Weather Terms

Marine Weather Terminology

When you accept the keys to any boat or vessel, you are obligated to become familiar with various marine weather terms and natural events that will help you avoid ... read more any level of accident or tragedy. The following list is just a handful of terms that all boaters should become aware of before.

Dense Fog Advisory
A dense fog advisory is issued when anticipated widespread fog is expected to appear within a 24 hour period. The fog appears within a designated radius of a 1/4 mile or less and can last for 3 hours or more.

Gale Warning
Gale warnings may sometimes precede hurricane warnings, depending on the wind's speed, consistency, and intensities. A gale warning issue is when winds between 39 and 54 MPH are expected to occur within a 24 hour period. These winds can be frequent gusts or consistent winds.

Hurricane Watch/Warning
Hurricane warnings are advised to be taken very seriously, whether the chance of them actually occurring is high or low. A hurricane watch or warning is sent out when consistent or frequent winds reach at least 74 MPH. These winds often come with high, rough waters out at sea. They are anticipated to appear between 12 and 24 hours. Evacuate any area that has a possibility of this occurrence as quickly as possible.

Inland Hurricane Wind Warning
This warning is when hurricane winds of 74+ MPH begin to migrate toward the shore within 24 hours. A Hurricane is not always guaranteed to occur, but evacuation is recommended in severe cases.

Saffir-Simpson Scale
The Saffir-Simpson scale is an official calculation of wind levels that classify a hurricane. The scale ranges between the numbers 1 and 5, 1 being the least severe and 5 being the most severe. The winds are measured in the following statistics:

    1: 74-95 MPH
    2: 96-110 MPH
    3: 111-129 MPH
    4: 130-156 MPH
    5: 157+ MPH
Severe Thunderstorm Watch/Warning
Severe thunderstorm warnings will be sent out when winds reach at least 58 MPH and hail that is at least 3/4 inches in diameter, begins to fall.

Small Craft Advisory
Small craft advisories are directed primarily at smaller vessels when weather conditions might be particularly rough at sea. Be aware of wind speeds and wave heights. If the waves reach 4 feet or higher, you will want to evacuate the area ASAP.

Storm Warning
General storm warnings are when winds are expected to reach 55-73 MPH within a 24-hour time frame.

Tropical Storm Watch/Warning
Tropical Storm warning is announced if, within a 24-36 hour period, there is a storm surge, costal/river flooding, and/or consistent winds between 39-73 MPH. These primarily occur in tropical environments.

A waterspout is a water tornado or a tornado that forms over the water. These are common in tropical areas like the Gulf of Mexico. However, they can form over any body of water, including freshwater lakes and coastal areas.

Wind Advisory
A warning that is when sustained winds of 31-39 MPH or frequent gusts of the wind between 46-57 MPH are expected to last for 3 hours or more.

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