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Shallow Water Anchor

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11 results
11 results

Shallow Water Anchor How-To's

The Advantages of a Minn Kota Talon (Video)
A video presentation on the advantages of a Minn Kota Shallow Water Talon, presented by Brett Hite. ... read more

Video Transcript

Hi there, Minn Kota Pro.

Talking about the new Minn Kota Talon.

I absolutely love these things.

These things are just a great addition to your bass boat. There is so many benefits to have a talon on a boat.

One of them is rigging.

Rigging them with a Minn Kota Talon is so easy, all it is, you have a wire that goes in into your main battery positive and negative, the brackets bolt right to your jack played on the side here and it is all remote control.

There is no wiring to switches in the boat, you can have up to at least 5 different remotes.

I usually put one on the console and one up at the bow panel and then I have one on me at all times. I use two of them, this helps the from the boat swinging back and forth. The Minn Kota Talon will go 8 1/2 ft deep.

I get a lot of people who ask me when I show up to deep clear water reservoir, “oh how are you gonna use those?”

There is a lot of benefits to use them even on a deep clear reservoir not just on like a natural lake in Florida. This whole year I have not gotten an actual rope out of my boat to tie up to the dock. Every time I just push the button the talon goes down, I never ever have to tie up to the dock. So there is a lot of really, really good benefits. Every time that I to re-tie and don’t want to get blown down the bank, hit the talon’s down and then your locked in place. It really, really saves you a lot of time and effort.

The other great thing, everything is contained right up here in the head. It is all electric and there are no hydraulic hoses. And the other thing, if you have multiple boats, so if you have an aluminum boat that you have for like fishing backwaters, and stuff like that, and then you have your big fiberglass bass boat, this is a very, very easy system to take on and off. All you will need is one other bracket for your other boat. You have a quick disconnect that’s almost like your graph , a quick disconnect for the power, put it on that boat and now you only had to buy one talon for two different boats.

So it’s very very versatile. The other thing is we just came out with a new mounting system that you can push a button and the talon will fold down forward to get in maybe to people’s garages that might have a low clearance or under a bridge, anything that might impair the height of getting around or you know just getting under things, let’s say like a dock or something like that. So there is a lot benefits with a talon.

What I really like, is that it is just one touch of the button… it goes up… one touch and it goes down. I don’t have to hold the button down until it always goes all the way down. It is one and done. That helps me catch a lot more fish. You can save a lot of time on the water. So when you are in the market for a shallow water anchor, try the Talon.
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King Pin – Shallow Water Pole Ancher

Ask the Experts | New, "King Pin" Pole Anchoring System

Shallow water, pole style anchors give anglers an easy, cost-effective way to hold their boat in the "sweet spot" for chasing species that often feed in shallow water regardless of wind or current. ... read more

Balancing Gracefully on the Water I'm a lifelong bass fisherman, and precise boat positioning in windy or strong current conditions has always been a challenge, said Barret Dickinson.

Most of my bass fishing is in very shallow areas, at certain times of the year and holding a good boat position to deliver precise bait presentation is the key.

Those critical fishing areas can be a specific rock formation, structure on a long point, along a shallow reef or over a small "hump" in open water.

For years, the only way to stay in place without dropping a long anchor line was to constantly run the electric trolling motor while fighting wind or water action. For bass, flats or back country fishermen, either option is inconvenient and fairly noisy. Not long ago some bass anglers took a page from their shallow saltwater fishing friends who use poles to maneuver or hold a position while casting and developed a powered pole anchoring system. You'll see one or two of them on many amateur or professional bass angler boats.

Catching Fish in the Swamps

Under their "Panther" product line, MarineTech has come out with a non-powered, very economical and very effective pole anchoring system they call "King Pin". With "King Pin", all you do is position the boat, shove the pole anchor into the bottom, through the fixed bracket, snug it up and the perfect casting, pitching or flipping angle is maintained, according to Barret. Power type pole systems are nice but with the "King Pin" you get the same results at a fraction of the cost.

Barret noted that you can use "King Pin" along with a power-operated pole you may already have on the transom as a cost-effective solution for the boat-swing that is inherent with a single, rear-anchoring point. To keep cost down, you could use two "King Pin" systems. One offset anchor point on the transom and a point on the bow will stop the swing and keep you off the trolling motor and your bait in the strike zone.

The new "King Pin" is handy, economical, easy to use, easy to transport and easy to switch from one boat to another. It's also becoming popular on boats you don't even have fish from. Using the "King Pin" to keep your pontoon boat or family bow rider snugged up to shore for swimming or socializing are other great uses for this simple system. Even duck hunters have found using "King Pin" makes holding their boats in place steadier and easier. Of course, it comes in a camo pattern.

Getting it done with a Pole Anchor

King Pin is the two piece pole, transom or deck bracket and pole arm bracket. It comes in 8", 108" or 128" lengths. The two-piece pole is screwed together like a pool cue, transforming two 6-foot sections that easily store in a side rod box.

The integrated pole lock secures the anchor pole in place so moving to the next spot is quick and virtually effortless with no lose parts to fall overboard. With a quick pull of the plunger pin and a short twist, the bow mount bracket can be removed leaving only the mounting plate for a clean and obstacle free deck.

Find the "King Pin" that will best suit your boating needs right here:

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About Shallow Water Anchor

Stay Put with a Talon Shallow Water Anchor

Where there’s one fish, there’s usually more. Using the Talon shallow water anchor, a simple touch of a button engages the Talon Auto Drive system, driving the pole into the muck and securing your boat so you can go after the other fish. If the water starts getting a little rough, push the Rough Water Mode to drive the anchor pole down a little further for a stronger hold. With Talon models available to anchor from 6-ft up to 12-ft of water, find the length you need for your shallow-water areas.