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Ski Boat Seats How-To's

Improper Seating

Improper Seating

Officer Jorge Pino tells how a young woman was killed because of improper seating at the front of a boat in this Boat-Ed safety course video. ... read more

Video Transcript

There was one case that in particular that comes to mind where a beautiful young lady Hispanic. Her boyfriend was operating the vessel, he inadvertently took a wake. She was in the front of the vessel, she fell forward and that vessel ran right over her and killed her. Now the family of that young lady and the boyfriend will be destroyed forever.

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About Ski Boat Seats

High Quality Seats for Ski Boats

Refurbish your ski boat with new seats to enjoy a more comfortable day on the water. iboats offers many ski boat seat styles and colors. Mix and match jump seats, back-to-back lounges and bucket seats to get the perfect setup on your boat. Most of the ski boat seats for sale at iboats feature a 6yr warranty on the frame and a 3yr upholstery warranty. They are made from state-of-the-art, high impact plastic frames and heavy-duty 28oz marine grade vinyl.