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Minn Kota iPilot Link Overview (Video)

A video presentation on how the i-Pilot Link enables your Minn Kota trolling motor and Hunninbird fishfinder to talk to each other. Presented by Minn Kota ... read more

Video Transcript

When the world’s most popular trolling motor and the most advanced fish finder on the water come together you find the missing link to better fishing. This is i-Pilot link.

I pilot link allows your hummingbird and Minn Kota to communicate with each other. The integrated system takes command of boat control for you so you can stop worrying about your boats position and start using it to catch more fish.

With links full color LCD remote you get total integration and fully automatic boat control, all with GPS accuracy.

I pilots arsenol of features keeps you in the game all day long. From basic commands like speed, steering and cruise control to classic Minn Kota functions like advanced auto pilot which lets you stay on a bearing automatically.

And with links most advanced features you can stay on a fishing spot. Record and return to successful spots and path or even follow depth contours in the water with a lake master SD card.

Fishing has evolved. Make sure you’ve got the missing link.
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ipilot spot link

i Pilot Link Spot Lock (Video)

A demonstration on how the Minn Kota I-Pilot link spot lock works. ... read more

Video Transcription

When you find the right spot, stay on it automatically, then go back to it anytime you want. This is i-Pilot Link - Spot Lock. I-Pilot Link’s Spot Lock feature works like an electronic anchor. When you find a spot, press the button to lock onto it. If you drift more than 5 feet away from that spot, your trolling motor will kick in and take you back. Link keeps you on that spot until you tell it to stop. And if you want to go back to the spot lock later, just use the go to button.

Using the remote or the Humminbird fish finder, select your spot. Then the Link system will tell your Minn Kota to take you back from up to a quarter-mile away and lock you onto it. The i-Pilot Link system can store up to 2500 spot locks or away points. I-Pilot Link makes sure no good spot goes to waste. Find them, stay on them and go back to them whenever you want.
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