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Please note: Anodes are made out of different materials for different applications.

Zinc (Zn)
Aluminum (Al)
Magnesium (Mg)

For saltwater use.

For salt & brackish water use.

For freshwater use.
About Hull Anodes
Hull anodes are specifically made to protect the hull of your boat from corrosion. Constructed of the highest quality alloy to ensure they pass US Military Specification, anodes will protect the hull of your boat which in turn will allow for optimal protection in the water. Anodes are available in a multitude sizes and materials so you can get what you need to protect your boat's hull. Whether you boat in saltwater, freshwater, or brackish water, has the anode for you. You can purchase anodes made of zinc - for salt water use, magnesium - for freshwater use, and aluminum - for salt/brackish water use. Choosing the right material is imperative to properly provide cathodic protection and prevent corrosion.