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Remote Engine Controls How-To's

All About Remote Engine Controls

All About Remote Engine Controls

Powering a boat comes in many forms. Some boats simply have sails and nature powers you. There is simple manpower by oars that you push yourself through ... read more the water. Listen we get it, you're not reading this to know what kind of power is available to boats. Instead, you need information on how to replace or add a remote box to your boat. Well, you've come to the right place as we will guide you as to what you need to know.

The throttle is the same idea behind the throttle in your car. The only difference is you typically have the throttle in your hand rather than your foot. The throttle lever is pushed forward then the throttle cable allows the throttle to open in the engine. What that does is it allows air and fuel into the combustion chamber at a much higher rate. Because of this, the engine runs faster which in turn gives you more spin on your propeller. This explanation gives you a rough idea of how it works. Now, you know that a car has a transmission to shift your car, and a boat is no different as it needs to shift as well. This is where you need to know what you need or want.

What’s the Difference Between Single Action and Dual Action?

Single Action ControlThere are two types of control boxes, single action or dual action. Single action is typically found on certain dual lever remote engine controls such as the B49 side dual lever control box from Uflex USA or the CH5200P from SeaStar Solutions. The single action means only that one lever serves one function. So there is one lever responsible for the throttle and another for the shift. Dual action means that one lever serves both as the shift and throttle control. It used to be more commonplace to find single action, dual lever engine controls on boats, but because of the convenience of dual action, single controls the industry has gone more towards dual action.

If you have dual engines, you will need to power both engines. This is where the dual action comes in handy so you can get the dual lever, dual function to power both engines. Those are top, or console mount remote boxes like the CH7800 series offered from SeaStar or the MT-3 among many other options. Uflex has some options as well that is listed here on iboats. In many of these remote engine controls, there is a tilt and trim option that is on the remote box so if you want that be sure it comes with that option. For example, the SL-3 from SeaStar has options for trim switches, tilt/trim switches, and no trim option.

Now there is another matter you will need to be aware of when ordering a remote engine control. There are three types of controls that iboats offers here that you will need to identify what you would like.

Top Mount and Side Mount Controls

Top Mount ControlThere are top mount controls, and these are ones that typically mount to your console. You will need to be sure you have a flat surface for these to mount on securely.

Most boats have the other type of remote box which is the side mount. Uflex, SeaStar, and some other manufacturer's offer both side mount and top mount. From there you will need to determine if you need the dual levers or the single lever. There are also dual, and single control levers designed for your Mercury motor. We offer Quicksilver remotes that match up to your Mercury number of pins in the harness. They also require the push to choke switch in the remote box. These are for Mercury/Mariner motors only, though.

Lastly, there is the Hot Foot Throttle from T-H Marine, and that's giving you throttle just like your car. It is a good option to look at for convenience or if you have a high-performance boat that requires precise and safe throttle control. Just note that it will require a longer throttle cable when installing the Hot Foot.

Well, that's pretty much all there is to it. Remember iboats offers many options so that you can make sure your boat maintains that sleek look. There are many options that sometimes you don't know where to begin. Hopefully after reading this you can narrow your search for the correct control to get yourself back out and to play on the water.

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