Suzuki Outboard Zincs & Anodes

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Suzuki Anodes How-To's

Boating Anodes

Tips for Servicing an Outboard Anode(Video)

A video presentation by Kevin Falvey on how to inspect and change your Suzuki outboard anodes on a 250 engine. ... read more

Video Transcript

Taking apart the shroud and callies that cover the mid-section of the pan. What we are looking at here is to change the zincs. Alright, the engine has zincs in the cylinder banks. The land and sea four strokes have zincs that you can’t see unless you take the shroud and callies off. See this one here. On the oil pan, the cover hides the zinc.

So you’ve got to look for these. You’ve got to change them and check them annually.

Now, one of the things you want to do is to pull a screw (Cylinder). At least you’d think. Once the screw’s off, calcium build up can be seen. See I can barely move it. I might be able to grab it, pry it off, is a temptation, then I would be scratching the protective coating the factory applied.

Here’s what I do. You’ll notice it is threaded inside. The screw bits into the housing, but not into the cover. Those threads allow the threads in the retaining screw to pass through. By using a bolt with bigger threads, and thread it into the cap, I can easily get the zinc off.

This zinc has had 150 hours of use. It doesn’t look too bad. But, because I’ve gone to all this work, I’m going to change it.

Changing your zinc’s annually, is cheap insurance. Get it done.

For boating, I’m Kevin Falvey.
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