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Complete Outboard "policies"

Engine Preparation Information:

When a motor is prepared for shipment it will quite often be drained of fluids for the sake of transportation. ASSUME THAT THE MOTOR IS DRY SO MAKE SURE TO CHECK AND FILL ALL FLUIDS AS DESCRIBED IN YOUR OWNER'S MANUAL PRIOR TO RUNNING THE ENGINE. As the owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that the engine is properly lubricated both before the initial use of the motor and prior to each subsequent use. Failure to keep the motor properly lubricated, or "lack of lubrication" will void all warranty remaining on the motor.

Cancellation and Return Policy:

You have the right to cancel your order any time before the motor leaves the warehouse to you. However, we do have a 5% cancellation fee that goes into effect immediately after you place your order. This fee is due to the various costs that we incur in processing and preparing your motor for shipment. If you cancel any time between the time that you pay for your order and when the motor ships, you will be refunded the total amount paid less the 5% fee. Once the motor leaves the warehouse, as long as the motor that you receive is the motor that you ordered, we have a 100% no return policy. Any issues or problems that may arise once you receive the product are not grounds for return. Problems and issues are given consideration under the warranty of the product.

Engine Selection Policy:

We can help educate you on some of the basic differences between the motors that we have for sale, but we will not be responsible for telling you exactly which motor you are going to need for your boat. Because of the nature of an Internet purchase, we suggest you take a more active role in your engine selection process than you might if you were purchasing and installing the engine locally. We would expect you, as our customer, to take into consideration the legal horsepower limitation on the boat, physical dimensions and weight of the motor, shaft size required, propeller type required, and any other options that you may need such as electric start, power trim, tiller/remote control, etc. Once you have a basic idea of what you need with regard to these previously mentioned engine characteristics we can help you determine which one of our motors will best suit your needs. Neither iboats, inc., nor our vendors shall be responsible for any mistakes made by you with regard to the engine characteristics that you are looking for and the engine you select. This includes, but is not limited to the above-mentioned characteristics.

Warranty Policy:

Each outboard listed on the iboats, inc. "Outboard Motors For Sale" pages has some type of warranty associated with it. The type and duration of each warranty can be seen next to the actual listing of the motor. The warranty that is offered is not offered by iboats, inc., but is offered by the specific vendor or manufacturer of the engine that you choose. For example: a "1 Yr Mfr. Warranty" would be honored for 1 year by the manufacturer of the motor (Johnson, Evinrude, Mercury, Yamaha, etc�), and a "60-Day Dlr. Warranty" would be backed by the particular dealer that is selling the motor through iboats, inc. By purchasing the outboard through iboats, inc. you are accepting the terms of the warranty as it is laid out for your particular outboard. You are also acknowledging that the warranty is honored only through the "Dealer" or the "Manufacturer" and you agree not to hold iboats, inc. responsible for any warranty issues that may arise subsequent to your purchase of the engine from iboats, inc.

Customer Satisfaction Policy:

We guarantee that the product that you receive will be the product that you ordered. If you are sent an incomplete or incorrect outboard, we will make sure that your order gets corrected with no additional charge to you. When such an issue arises and shipping is going to be involved, all shipping will be done by Standard Ground transportation. Also, if iboats, inc. decides that a refund is due to you, all refunds will be done within 5-10 business days after the final decision of the disposition of your engine is made.

Shipping Policy:

We want your motor to be received in the same excellent condition in which it left the supplier's warehouse. Because of this, we have invested time and resources researching different logistical options in an attempt to find the optimum transportation solution for your specific shipment.

We want to avoid the possibility of any shipping damage occurring to your motor during transit, so we do everything within our means to assure that your motor is properly inspected and securely packaged before it leaves the warehouse. It is recognized that in our not-always-perfect world no matter what is done to prepare the motor there is still a slight chance of some shipping damage occurring. Because of this ever-present risk, we insure every single motor not only through the actual carrier but also through an outside insurance company. Please review our suggestions for the consignee as well as the details of your shipping insurance as outlined below.

Suggestions for Consignee:

When the motor is received, you must look over the contents of the box very carefully to make sure that there are no signs of damage to the contents before you sign for the motor.

Have the driver wait for a few minutes while you open the box and inspect the motor for shipping damage. Make sure you note on the driver's paperwork any (additional�take out) damage that you find on the motor itself during your inspection.

If the shipment looks good:

If the shipment looks questionable:

Filing a claim: In the case of shipping damage please do the following steps:

  1. Call your iboats, inc. salesman right away to alert him to the fact that damage has occurred and that you are in need of filing a claim.
  2. After getting a brief description of the damage your iboats, inc. representative will file a claim on your behalf with the FedEx Trade Networks.
  3. Shortly after filing this claim you will receive a call from either Rebecca Roth [(810)-966-5008 ex11] or Sandy Phillips [(360)-332-3080] from the FedEx Trade Networks requesting specific information about the claim. This could include shipping documents, pictures, quotes for repair, your written account of the damage, etc...
  4. After collecting this initial information, Rebecca or Sandy will transfer the claim and all information pertaining to the claim to Michelle Blue who is the claim specialist for the FedEx Trade Networks.
  5. All additional communication at this point pertaining to the claim will be handled between Michelle Blue and you, the iboats, inc. customer.
  6. If the claim is approved, iboats, inc. will send you a check for the approved amount less the $100 deductible that FedEx Trade Networks deducts.
  7. At this point the FedEx Trade Networks will file a claim against the shipping company in an attempt to recoup your deductible of $100. As previously mentioned your shipment is double insured, first by the carrier (Roadway, Estes, Watkins, etc.) and second by the FedEx Trade Networks, the outside insurance company that we are currently using. FedEx Trade Networks insures the full amount of the claim and has a $100.00 deductible that is deducted from your reimbursement at the time that the claim is paid. Once the entire amount of the claim minus the $100 deductible is paid, FedEx Trade Networks will go after the carrier in your behalf for the $100 deductible. Most carriers are thrilled that they are not being pursued for the entire amount and are quick to pay the $100 while others are very slow to reimburse anything (which is why we use FedEx Trade Networks as the primary insurer). If FedEx Trade Networks recoups the $100 deductible for you from the carrier they will reimburse you for the entire $100 that was deducted from your first check. As hard as they try, there is no guarantee that they will be able to recoup the $100 on every claim.
  8. Shipping Insurance Policy:

Limit (s) of liability:

Type of Coverage:

Special Insuring Conditions:

This coverage insures against all risks of physical loss or damage from external causes during transit excluding improper packaging, inherent vice, losses due to delay or loss of market, and temperature or atmospheric pressure changes. This coverage excludes coverage for wear, tear and/or gradual deterioration, rust, oxidation, and/or discoloration. Also, excludes mechanical or electrical derangement unless caused by a peril insured against hereunder. Warranted that the goods are accompanied with certification of repair or guarantee that they are repaired to a like new condition.

We know that a shipping claim can be an inconvenience for you and we want to express our appreciation in advance for your cooperation and patience. We hope that planning ahead and being prepared for the possibility of such incidents will result in a quicker, more customer friendly claim procedure.

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