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Coverage Tips

No doubt you, like most other boat owners, feel your insurance coverage and the resulting premium is a necessary evil that you can do little to control. While there is some measure of truth in this belief, the fact is you can exercise some control over this cost.

  • Complete an authorized boating course.
  • Inspect or have your boat inspected by a qualified marine mechanic at least twice a year.
  • Repair or replace defective equipment promptly.
  • Have a well thought out, written plan to carry out in the event of a pending natural disaster.
  • Always store your boat in a secure area.
  • Carry up-to-date marine charts and plan your cruising routes to avoid accidental grounding and adverse weather conditions.

By following these suggestions

  • You will play your part in reducing losses.
  • Your marine insurance specialist can negotiate lower premiums based on lower loss ratios.
  • You avoid payment of insurance deductibles and depreciation allowances incurred by losses.
  • You guarantee your boat will be ready to go when you are.

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Why should I get boat insurance? Won't my home owners policy cover me?

Home owners' policies generally only cover small boats and do not provide very much coverage. Usually the coverage amount is only about $1000 in damages. That amount is for the boat, the engine or outboards, the trailer, and accessories. On a normal boat $1000 doesn't go very far!

Additionally, coverage for theft may not even be that high. Many policies also require that the boat be located on the property where you actively live...not at one of your vacation spots! Almost all policies will even limit where you can use your boat and be covered.

What is usually covered in a typical boat owners policy?

  • anchors
  • batteries
  • bilge pumps
  • bimini tops
  • boat covers
  • deck chairs
  • depthfinders
  • emergency devices such as EPIRBs
  • fire extinguishers
  • fuel tanks
  • boat furniture
  • generators
  • horns
  • life preservers, PFD's
  • lights
  • masts
  • mooring equipment
  • motors, engines
  • oars
  • refrigerators
  • seats
  • solar panels
  • stoves, ovens
  • tarps
  • trailers

What is generally not covered in a boat insurance policy?

  • cameras or video equipment
  • clothing, jewelry, watches and other personal items
  • food and beverages
  • mobile or cell phones
  • portable tv's
  • stereos, radios
  • scuba equipment
  • sails, masts or spars while a sailboat is in a yacht race
  • water skiing or wakeboarding ropes

I've heard that some policies have time and geographical restrictions. Is this true?

Yes. Read your policy or check with your agent or insurance company to make sure you know what they are.

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