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Featured Video: How to Dock Your Boat

A video on how to dock your boat when pulling into a boat slip or a dock. It can sometimes be difficult to dock your boat, especially when there is a stiff wind blowing. This video gives you step by step instructions on how to perform maneuvers with your boat. ... read more

Video Transcription

Docking your boat may seem daunting. But it doesn’t have to be. The key is to be organized, prepared and to take it slow and easy.

Begin your docking maneuver when you are a good distance from the dock. Move toward it slowly.

Next nudge the throttle into gear momentarily to make sure the boat is on course and the helm is turned the right way.

For better visibility, try this tip – Lift the captions chair to get a little higher.

It is a good idea to use fenders or bumpers when you are learning to dock.

Just before you pull into the dock, ask the crew members to put the fenders over the side. It’s an easy way to involve them in the process.

As you approach the dock, be aware of current and wind drift. They can put you off course. You can easily spot current by looking at the edges of the dock or pilings for tell-tale swirls. You’ll have to adjust your entry slightly into the current to compensate for it. Winds crossing your docking path can also be troublesome. You’ll have to steer slightly into them to get your boat to follow the right course into the slip.

When the boat is lined up correctly, nudge the boat as slowly as you can.

You may have to slip in and out of gear to get the correct speed. As you move into the slip use your throttle shifter as a break by putting it into reverse at idle speed.

Hold it until your forward momentum is stopped, then put it back into neutral and shut off the engine.

It’s always safest to secure the boat before you try to climb out. Accidents are more likely to happen when someone leaves or enters the boat while it’s untied.

With care and practice you’ll gain confidence and before you know it docking will be a skill that’s second nature to you.

For more information on docking, visit your local boat dealer or go to

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Who is ABYC

Who is The American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC)

In 1954, The American Boat & Yacht Council became a non-profit organization with a purpose of developing design safety standards for the ... read more the repair, design, maintenance, equipage, and construction of boats. The most important element of the ABYC is to be the go-to source of technical information for the international marine industry.

The standards that ABYC have created are: “The building code for boats.” With over 54 standards and 15 technical documents, they are established to ensure safety in all aspects of your boating experience.

Since its conception over 60 years ago, the result of building boats and other equipment that follow the ABYC guidelines have been fewer deaths and injury-related boating accidents. Though the ABYC guidelines are voluntary, the federal government has incorporated several portions of the text into the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), making compliance a requirement of federal law.

The ABYC Project Technical Committee (PTC) evaluates all aspects of their codes and standards on a rotating five-year basis. Constantly evaluating, helps ensure that all aspects of safety are regularly updated to keep up with new laws, technology, and boating styles.

In 1990, the ABYC started a new program called “Certified Marine Technician.” Its design and purpose were to certify and train technicians, as well as test the knowledge of the current ABYC standards.

The 8 areas that are covered with this testing and training are as follows: Marine Electrical Certification, Marine Systems Certification, Diesel Engine Certification, Gasoline Engine Certification, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Certification, Marine Corrosion Certification, Composite Boat Builder Certification, and Standards Certification.

The title of Master Technician is an award given to individuals who earn 3 or more certifications. The certification process includes a 3-hour exam with over 200 questions covering material relevant to the specific area of expertise.

The purpose of ABYC has always been clear--to provide a safe boating standard and experience, while giving the general public a safe reassurance that products used to maintain, repair, and build boats and yachts would help provide a safe, and fun environment. It is necessary to remember that though these regulations are voluntary, abiding by them will help ensure an overall great experience on the water.
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About Boat Parts & Accessories
At, we can provide all of the boat parts and accessories you need to enhance your experience on the water and add to your boat's performance. We have a wide range of products for almost any boat make and model. And with our value prices, you get more and spend less. more We offer over 235,000 OEM and aftermarket boating parts, and we make it easy to find the items you really need.

Keeping your boat in prime condition will often require replacement parts or even adding something new. Our community of thousands of boating enthusiasts is the perfect place to go to ask questions or find answers on what parts are the most effective and which ones deliver the best performance for the price. There are many options and price points to choose from, and at we can answer your questions and help you discover which products will have the biggest impact on your experience.

Here at iboats, we offer an extremely large amount of discounted boat parts and accessories for all your boating needs. Our goal is to provide you with access to just about everything that is needed for you to enjoy your boating adventures. We offer custom and semi-custom boat covers that fits every boat on the market today, as well as in the past - all with free shipping. We offer Bimini tops to keep you safe from the hot sun when you are relaxing on the lake.

Looking for boat motor parts that fit Outboard motors made by Evinrude, Mercury, Yamaha, Honda, and Johnson? We've got those too. We also carry a huge inventory of Stern Drive motors from Mercruiser, OMC, Volvo Penta and Yamaha. Perhaps you are looking for an Inboard boat motor? If so, we've got you covered with top boat engines from Chris-Craft, Universal, Marine Power, Crusader, Chrysler and many more. Oh wait, there is more! Are you looking for engine parts for your Kawasaki, Polaris, or Seadoo personal watercraft? We stock those as well.

Boat control and steering is a crucial part of safe boating. And since we love our fellow boating enthusiasts, we like to make sure we can provide you with boating parts that keep you safe on the water. If you are in need of replacing your boat's steering system we have rotary, pinion, hydraulic, and auxiliary steering kits to help you complete the job. If you are looking for a cool, new boat steering wheel to give your boat an extra touch of character, look no further, we have a huge variety of steering wheels for your boat. Maybe you just need steering parts or accessories for your boat? We've got parts from connector kits to rigging sleeves, and from ball joints to console mounts. We are the one-stop store for all your boating needs.

Our list of boat parts and accessories does not stop here, not even close. We also carry marine engine instrumentation and gauges, jack plates and motor mounts, trim systems and performance enhancers to get your boat in tip-top shape and running strong all season. Speaking of keeping your boat performing strong, a bent or damaged boat propeller will decrease speed, gas mileage, and overall engine and boat performance. With our discounted props and best selection of propellers, in both aluminum and stainless steel, you can keep your boat running strong for a minimal investment.

We know that having a clean and attractive boat is a must. That is why we handle an expanded section of boat paint, cleaners, and gel coats to assist you in keeping your boat appeasing to the eye. Your boat, and friends, will thank you for a clean, maintained water craft.

Maybe it's time to replace your boat seats or pontoon furniture due to wear and tear over time? Again, we have what you're looking for at a low price, and fast inexpensive shipping! We carry a vast selection of seats for fishing boats, ski boats and recreational and pontoon boats alike. Our seats come in a variety of types: Lounge seats, bench seats, bucket seats, back-to-back seating and even swing-back cooler boat seats to keep you comfortable all day while cruising across the water or relaxing while watching the sunset.

Since safety is such an important part of boating, we are proud to say we offer an enormous selection of items designed for boat safety and survival. We carry all the necessary boat navigation lighting at incredible savings, plus boat horns, safety whistles and signal flags to ensure other boaters are aware of your presence on or in the water. also has safety strobes, searchlights, and marine flashlights to help during an emergency.

Not only is it necessary to be ready for an emergency, it is equally important to ensure your safety while on the water. PFD's are required by law and offer the comfort of knowing you're safe if you end up out of the boat and in the water. We have thousands upon thousands of life jackets and vests to keep your head above water. And to take it one step further, we offer life lines, rings, buoys, hooks and floating seat cushions as well. In addition, we also offer EPIRB's, emergency beacons, coastal and offshore life rafts, along with fire suppression systems. So whatever it is you need to maintain the safety of those on the boat, we will have it.

If what you are looking for wasn't mentioned, don't worry, we've got it or can get it here at Simply browse or search our site to find exactly what you need and pocket more savings so you can have more fun on the water.
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