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Controls & Steering How-To's

Steering and controls for you boat

Boat Steering and Controls

We strive to be the most comprehensive boat controls and steering distributor on the web. We carry a huge collection of high quality boat controls and boat steering parts. We have a lot, so, ... read more allow yourself some time to browse so you can see everything we offer at great prices for saving you money.

Engineered with excellence and built to last, our boat controls and boat steering products are sure to keep your boating without costing a fortune. For starters, we have a massive selection of excellent boat steering systems such as boat steering wheels to keep your destination on target.

When you browse our category, you will find top brands such as Seastar, Uflex, Troll Master and SeaSense boat steering controls. The boat steering systems are always ready to ship with affordable pricing. If you are looking for rotary steering, pinon steering, auxiliary steering or hydraulic boat steering systems? We offer those parts, too, at a great price!

As time goes by, our boat control systems can begin to fail causing us problems. It is important to stay on top of your marine parts and health to ensure you don't have any issues while out on the water. We offer precision made marine remote engine controls, control cables, and control accessories to ensure your vessel is running at top performance. We carry brands from Seastar solutions, Uflex, T-H Marine and Seadog Line which are sure to keep your boat cruising strong.

Trim and Performance Enhancers also carries superior marine trim and performance enhancers to keep your boat in tip-top shape throughout the seasons. We stock Hydrofoil stabilizers, power tilts and trims, trim tabs and planning accessories, along with skeg protection and replacement parts from reputable manufacturers such as Lenco, Bennett, Sierra and Uflex. Our pricing is sure to give you the confidence in buying today.

Engine Instrumentation and gauges

Not only is it important to stay on-top of your boat steering and controls, it is equally important to keep on-top the health of your boat. We have a large variety of the best marine engine instrumentation and gauges that enable you to keep a running watch on the health of your working parts. We stock gauges and instrumentation like digital gauges, speedometers, fuel gauges, voltmeters, hour meters, tachometers and oil pressure gauges.

Jack Plates and Motor Mounts.

Our list doesn't stop here. We maintain a lot of marine jack plates and motor mounts in stock at all times. We have stationary outboard brackets and adjustable outboard motor mounts. We also carry outboard jack plates and mounting brackets, outboard motor support plates, and transom wedges at an affordable price with fast shipping. Our top selling parts made by Springfield, Panther, Seasense and T-H Marine.

Rigging Hardware

Lastly, on our list of boat steering and controls, we stock marine rigging hardware to keep everything in its place. If you are looking for marine cable ties, cable boots, cable outlets and tubes and, engine locks by Perko, Sierra and many, many more from top quality manufacturers.

Be sure to take a look at what we offer and you will quickly see we offer great pricing along with exceptional service. If you have a question or concern. Don't hesitate to contact us so we can help you keep your boat healthy and strong.

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Controls and Steering Boat Parts
Infographic: Measuring Boat Control Cables
Learn how to measure boat control cables on an outboard or inboard/stern drive boat. Step by step instruction with supportive imagery.

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Steps for Measuring Boat Steering Cables for my Outboard Boat

Is it time to replace your boat steering cables? Well, we have the easiest way to measure them accurately. If you have an outboard motor on your boat these are the steps you will want to take. Be sure to view our infographic to assist you in getting your boat to feel like new.


Step One
Measure from the center line of the boat steering wheel to the gunwale.

Step Two
Measure from dash board to the transom.

Step Three
Measure from gunwale to the center line of the cable connection at engine.

Step Four
Add 6 inches to the total of steps 1, 2 and 3.

Steps for Measuring Boat Steering Cables on an Inboard or Stern Drive Boat

Follow only steps 1 - 3 from measuring boat steering cables on an outboard.

Infographic on Measuring Inboard/Outboard/Stern Drive Steering Cables

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