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Auxiliary steering How-To's

Troll Master Trolling Motor Controller (Video)
A video presentation of the Troll Master Trolling Motor Controller ... read more

Video Transcript

Trollmaster manufactures the world’s leading remote throttle control for gas powered auxiliary outboard engines. The Trollmaster system allows the angler to adjust trolling speeds with precision which is often the key to catching various species including salmon, trout and walleyes to name a few. Once there’s a fish on, use the idle feature to pause your trolling speed in order to bring the fish in. Once landed, you can then resume back to your exact trolling speed.

The Trollmaster comes in three models built to much various applications. The Trollmaster Pro allows the operator to control his boat speed with a dial and lets you re-create exact speeds with the idle function. The Pro2 model adds ten times micro adjustments in speed control versus the original Pro version and also allows for momentary bursts of full throttle for quickly adjusting your heading. The Pro3 model gives you all of the same features as the Pro2 while adding the ability to steer your kicker engine with the same remote working in conjunction with the Panther Electro Steer unit.

All models feature a 20 feet cable, a water resistant control with LCD display that can be handheld or easily mounted to your console. The Trollmaster system is designed to fit auxiliary gas powered kicker engine including Mercury, Yamaha and most other brands.

Trolling speed is often the difference between a tough day or a tournament winning day. My Trollmaster makes achieving persistent trolling speeds routine and it lets me concentrate on catching more fish. I can’t imagine fishing without a Trollmaster.
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TrollMaster Speed Feature (Video)
A video presentation on the TrollMaster Speed Feature ... read more

Video Transcript

Ooh there is one. Got him! Boy that’s a quick start and this is a good fish. I’m going to slow the boat down here. What I’m doing is I’m actually using my Trollmaster control. This is a good enough fish and I put the boat in idle and all. I’m going to show you just after I get this fish. He is on the surface, that’s a real nice walleye. I’m going to just hoist him right in. Because I am alone today and I’m just running two rods because I got my camera with me. Look at that walleye, which the hell is a dynamite fish. Look at that, how much fun is that right there?

Let me tell you how I’m catching this fish though and all the other fish we’re catching today. The bottom line is it’s about speed. These fish I have got them pretty well dialed in. I’m fishing them. I have got them going in three colors. I have got them going in purple, I got hem going in red tail and I got them going in pink. This is a great eater fish, we’ll end up keeping him. But what’s really cool about it, it’s all about speed. Once I have figured out those colors I really dialed in to a speed. And the way I’m emulating that speed time after time is to use a Trollmaster. Let me throw this in and then I’m going to show it to you. Come here buddy. I will throw him in the live well.

Let me show this to you. This is what’s called the Trollmaster. What I’m actually able to do, right now is I have it in idle mode because I reeled that fish in. I wanted to slow the boat down because I didn’t want to tear the hooks out of him. Now I am going to push this button and put it back in run mode. But what you can see is that I have actually got a digital readout here. Now I’m taking that digital readout that right now is at 39 okay and I’m making it so that I can change this in increments of 1 which is just minute. It’s barely changing anything. But what I’m doing is I’m going up here to my graph and I’m watching this speed okay. And when I find that exact speed and today it seems to be between 2 6, 2 7, 2 8. Now I’m in the wave so I’m going to get a little bouncing up and down. But that’s exactly where I got to be to catch fish. Now if I was trying to do all this off a handle and sitting there bumping it, because we’ve all seen the guy doing this trying to find that exact speed, you just can’t. But with this Trollmaster I’m able to actually find the exact speeds and then copy it time after time after time, and that how we keep catching fish every time I go back up and come back through here. And it’s as simple as being able to turn that dial.

If I want to speed this thing up, I can run it way up. Now I’ve just run my boat up to 2.9, 3.0, you can see right there. But I haven’t had to touch that handle. Now I’m going to bring it back down to that neighborhood where those fish are actually hitting that, which is in that 37 to 38. I’m going to do the exact same thing I just did and I’m going to catch more of those fish.
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TrollMaster Idle feature (Video)
A video presentation of the TrollMaster Idle feature, presented by TrollMaster ... read more

Video Transcript

Show you what I’m going to do. I’m going to hit this either button, I’ve got a big fish on right here. But I want to show you how I handle this. I’m going 2.4 miles an hour, but when I hit idle. You see that, it just shuts this thing down to idle speed. Now I won’t pull the hooks out of this guy. This is a big fish, this is the kind of fish that you don’t want to make any mistakes on. So you slow that the boat down, what I just did. And here we go I’ll tell you what, this is just too much fun.

One thing I want you to notice though is I’m never leaving the back of my boat. I’m able to do that because of the Trollmaster and the T5 Electro Steer system that I’m using from Panther. What it allows me to do though is stay right back here in the back of the boat where all the action is. Normally I would have to be up here. I‘d be sitting at my steering wheel, the fish would grab this line and I’d have to run back here and hope that he is still here. With a big fish like this one, boy you just hate to have to do that. With this Panther T5 Electro Steer and Trollmaster master system, I’m able to steer the boat from back here and I’m also able to control my speed. So I’m actually sitting right back here, I have this cushion right here. I’m actually sitting right here, I just threw a fish in the live well. But I sit right here, I face forward, I look back and forth at both of my riggers (this is a really big fish) and I never leave. Ooh look at this one. Look at that walleye, I got to get him a little bit closer now. If I was still going at speed we would be in trouble right now. But we’re at idle speed because of hitting that idle button. It’s a little tougher when doing this by yourself. Look at that, Oh oh oh that guy is mad he’ splashing me. We get him in look at this guy. Wow! That’s right there is a trophy walleye. Let me see if I can get him out of the net without hooking myself. He’s just such a big fish, you just got to be careful. Wow! Look at that. This fish is just a monster and you know what this fish is all about. He’s all about speed, he’s all about being able to steer, he’s all about being right in the back of the boat and being able to control everything. So that you can be here when he bites and I was right to where I needed to be because of being back here with the system. Look at that walleye, unbelievable isn’t that just great. That’s a Lindy Shadling we’re pulling right there and that is just a monster fish.

Crankbaits, Trollmaster, T5 Electro Steer from Panther. Put them all together, do what we’re doing here and this is what you’re going to have in your boat. Wow!
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