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Rotary Steering How-To's

How to Install a Rotary Steering System (Video)
A video presentation on How to Install a Rotary Steering System ... read more

Video Transcript

Okay well doing the rotary steering now, this was what I was losing sleep over. I’ve been installing it here and basically I’m just turning until the piece actually goes all the way in. Turn the wheel counterclockwise, there it is; sit down beside the boat here. I got to get that set up down here so it doesn’t fall out. And guess we just turn it until it clicks.

I guess there is the click. So turn it again back the other way so that we can’t turn it any more. That’s it. I guess I put my tube on. I will go put that tube. There is that tube that goes in. That grease is all there. That’s that.

Turn it again. Well I guess that’s it, yeah. I add my 2 screws now, add my 2 screws up top. Put my pin back in the bottom and I guess that’s it. And that’s run , again I won’t be hooking it up to the transom until I get the boat flipped over and get it back. Get the cap back on, huh that was easier than I thought. I’m kind of happy now, I’m just going to hook up my wiring for my radio, wait for the speedometer to come in, the tach to come in. I’ll put those two in the dash, again my tach I’ll be able to read there. Again the speedometer will be over in the center. I got my gas and my amp gauge, so that’s pretty much it.

Cool, that went a lot easier than I thought. So I got the steering now, cool its’ pretty smooth. Again I went with the Teleflex outboard steering, rotary steering system with no feedback. It seemed to go pretty well. Then this is my stainless steel steering wheel, and I got that one because it looks a little more period to my boat. Kind of flashy, a little bit of bing to it; bling but cool. I know some people said it would be hotter all metal, but again we’ll have the bimini top so not too worried about that. Alright cool I’m pumped. Okay so that’s how you install a rotary steering system. Alright thanks.
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