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boat GPS speedometer

SeaStar Solutions GPS Speedometers (Video)

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Video Transcript

Sea Star Solutions Marine GPS Speedometers provide boaters with highly accurate speed over ground and heading data in an attractive popular style 3 inch gauge that compliments the look of any vessel. These GPS speedometers are available in a range of styles and configurations to match different performance needs, boat interiors and popular gauge packages.

Unlike marine speedometers that utilize pitot tubes or paddle wheels as speed sensors, Sea Star Solutions' GPS pedometers are not affected by current, fouling, or marine growth. The GPS receiver contains no moving parts or components in the water that will corrode or break making them highly dependable.

Sea Star Solutions speedometer's display speed is accurate by 1 mile per hour and display speed over ground not speed through water once the vessel is moving. Their course over ground is accurate to 1 degree once the vessel is moving.

When using a boat's existing NMEA 0183 GPS receiver or the optional Sea Star Solutions GPS receivers and antennas, our speedometers are the most accurate measure of a vessel speed over ground. These GPS pedometers provide a clear LCD heading display of the vessel's course over ground with accuracy of 1 degree once moving. This allows boaters to see at a glance not only how fast they are moving but also where they are headed.

Sea Star Solutions Marine GPS speedometers are ideal for applications where low speed accuracy is important such as pontoon boats or walIeye rigs looking for the perfect trolling sweet spot. For high performance boats and today's high-powered bass rigs, these GPS speedometers provide operators with accurate readings at speeds where pitot tubes become notoriously ineffective.

Premier Pro and Premiere Pro White GPS speedometers are offering configurations for 0 to 35 miles per hour, 0 to 80 miles per hour, and 0 to 120 miles per hour--and are fog resistant. We also offer 0 to 35 miles per hour and 0 to 80 miles per hour GPS speedometer models as part of its popular Amega, Arctic and Eclipse instrument lines. You could download the speedometer sell sheet in the attachments tab to your left.
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