Applies to the following engine models:

OMC 990210R1 OMC 990211S OMC 990234E OMC 990210R2 OMC 990230A11 OMC WUPM-10C OMC LUFP-10C OMC HUFM-20D OMC 990218R2 OMC 990215S OMC 990206S OMC 990211F OMC NUFM-13M OMC 990236E OMC 990207R OMC 990211A11 OMC 990241A11 OMC TUFM-21S OMC HUFM-21C OMC XUFP-21A OMC 990223A1 OMC 990232A OMC 990210R OMC 990206F OMC 990211R11 OMC 990237M OMC 990229G OMC CUTM-19EX OMC 990241M OMC HUFR-19EX OMC 990212S OMC 990224A OMC TUFM-20D OMC 990232A11 OMC 990236M OMC HUFM-19EX OMC 990229M OMC NUFR-12AX OMC 990225A1 OMC 990232E OMC HUFM-21S OMC CUTR-19EX OMC 990231A1 OMC 990231M OMC GUFM-10C OMC GUFP-10C OMC LUFM-10C OMC 990227A1 OMC 990234M OMC 990240G OMC 990212A OMC 990217R1 OMC 990215FF OMC 990207R1 OMC 990212F OMC 990218F OMC 990210F OMC 990216R OMC 990226A OMC 990231G OMC XUFM-20S OMC HUFR-20D OMC WUFM-10C OMC 990217F OMC 990221R OMC JUFM-10C OMC 990216FF OMC 990227A OMC 990231A OMC HUTR-20D OMC 990241G OMC 990223A OMC HUFP-21C OMC 990225A OMC 990216R1 OMC 990220R2 OMC 990218R1 OMC 990228A1 OMC 990223A11 OMC NUFR-13M OMC 990215R OMC CUFM-20D OMC 990227A11 OMC TUFM-21C OMC TUFR-19EX OMC 990215R1 OMC 990211A OMC 990218S OMC 990231A11 OMC XUFM-21A OMC 990216F OMC 990207F OMC 990230A OMC 990218R OMC 990240A OMC 990240E OMC JUFM-10S OMC 990207FF OMC 990226A1 OMC 990217S OMC 990226A11 OMC GUFM-10S OMC 990225A11 OMC 990229A OMC 990229A1 OMC TUFR-20D OMC 990217R OMC 990228A11 OMC 990216S OMC 990240A11 OMC LUFM-10S OMC 990232G OMC VUFM-10C OMC HUTP-21C OMC TUFM-19EX OMC CUTM-20D OMC TUFP-21C OMC VUFP-10C OMC 990230E OMC 990217FF OMC 990224A11 OMC 990241A OMC XUFM-20C OMC CUFR-19EX OMC CUTR-20D OMC XUFM-21R OMC XUFR-20S OMC 990231E OMC 990229A11 OMC 990239M OMC 990207S OMC 990235M OMC JX-245 OMC VUFM-10S OMC 990230M OMC 990241E OMC HUTM-20D OMC 990220R OMC 990228A OMC 990229E OMC 990211A1 OMC 990240M OMC HUTM-21S OMC 990211R OMC HUTR-19EX OMC CUFR-20D OMC 990235E OMC CUFM-19EX OMC 990211M OMC 990210S OMC XUFR-20C OMC 990212R OMC 990224A1 OMC HUTM-19EX OMC 990232M OMC 990215F OMC NUFM-12AX OMC 990211R1 OMC 990237E OMC 990230G OMC HUTM-21C OMC 990212R1
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