Suzuki OEM
Clamp (L:145)
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Part # 09407-14407
B Nd 09407-14407,Clamp (L:145) 09407-14407,Clamp, Harness (L:145) 09407-14407,Clamp, Trim Sendor Lead Wire 09407-14407,Clamp, Speedometer Hose 09407-14407,Clamp, Harness (L:140) 09407-14407,Clamp, Harness 09407-14407,Clamp, Tilt Limit Lead (L:140 09407-14407,Clamp, Battery Lead 09407-14407,Band, Ptt Cable 09407-14407,Band, Spark Plug Cap 09407-14407,Clamp, Sw Lead 09407-14407,Clamp, Ignition Timing 09407-14407,Clamp, Tilt Limit Lead 09407-14407,Clamp, Switch Lead 09407-14407,Clamp, Sender Connector 09407-14407,Clamp, Receptacle Lead 09407-14407,Clamp, Ptt Sw Lead 09407-14407,Clamp, Emergency & Stop Switc Lead Wire 09407-14407,Clamp, Lead 09407-14407,Clamp, Sender 09407-14407,Clamp 09407-14407,Band, Trim Sender Lead Wire 09407-14407,Clamp, Emergency & Sw 09407-14407,Band, Cable 09407-14407,Clamp (L:100) 09407-14407,Band 09407-14407,Clamp, Throttle Cable 09407-14407,Clamp, Lighting Coil Lead 09407-14407

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