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Lenco Electric Actuator (Video)
A video demonstration on the Lenco Electric Actuator, presented by Lenco ... read more

Video Transcript

The Lenco electric actuator is the signature product of our company. We have hand built an excess of one million actuators since 1986. Our actuators undergo extensive design and testing to ensure we continue to meet the increasing and challenging demands of the marine industry. Our instant response feature is one of the main reasons Lenco trim tabs have become the number one choice for boaters around the world but there are many other features that make the Lenco actuator as good as it is. It's ball screw design is more reliable and twice as powerful compared to typical hydraulics. Lenco's tough, high torque 12 or 24 volt actuator motor easily pushes seven hundred and fifty pounds. Lenco actuator connections use waterproof plug and play deutsch connectors eliminating the possibility of water intrusion. Manufacturing an actuator that is both waterproof and durable has been an essential process to the success of the company. Having said that, Lenco marine has made some great improvements on its original actuator over the years. Let's take a closer look at the industry leading technology and innovations.

A stronger top cap and mounting clevis design is designed with new and improved pressure tight torque screws. An integrated wiper seal at the actuator base. Molded in brass thrust bearing design. Thicker and stronger motor housing wall. Improved o ring design for a more consistent seal. Oval molded cable providing a stronger, tighter seal and upper mountain bracket with gland seal. Whether you're looking to purchase trim taps for the first time or you have an existing hydraulic system that you would like to retrofit our actuator to, Lenco has the system you need. Just visit us at Lencomarine.com for more product information.
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