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Part # 95380-10600-00
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Nut X (F100) 95380-10600-00,Nut Ap 95380-10600-00,Nut U (30.3") 95380-10600-00,Nut Ultra Long 95380-10600-00,Nut Er/Eh (E) 95380-10600-00,Nut Er 95380-10600-00,Nut U 95380-10600-00,Nut X(26.1") 95380-10600-00,Nut Ur: Ultra Long 95380-10600-00,Nut 95380-10600-00,Nut (M) 95380-10600-00,Nut X-Long 95380-10600-00,Nut Ur Er 95380-10600-00,Nut U(30.3") 95380-10600-00

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Nut 95380-10600-00 Yamaha OEM Parts can be used with these other models and components