OMC engines are built to last. However, OMC is not immune from the reactions that metals have while in water. When metal is exposed to freshwater or saltwater, the metals begin to break down due to electrolysis. This will cause the metals to eventually corrode, making the part useless. When corrosion happens to a boat motor, it can be extremely expensive to repair and can temporarily keep you off the water. There is a solution to preventing corrosion. The solution is by using anodes to protect the metal. Sacrificial anodes break down so the metals on your engine will not. At iboats, you can find anodes for every type of OMC engine part that is susceptible to corrosion at a great price.

Transom Mount Anodes 0984547-0983952-3855610 3854130-0987521 3853930-0986158 0982438-0982277-0980756 Lower Unit Front Anodes 0983494 3853818-0984513-3855412 3855411-3855140 3854061-0987067-0986190 Mid-Section Anodes 0436745-0393023-0392122 0338635 Lower Unit Pocket Anodes 0976669-0121191-0900097 0397768 Lower Unit Prop Shaft Anodes 3852970-0914040 0431708-0397111