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Rod Holders How-To's


Choosing Fishing Rod Holders

Often referred to in the fishing community as the “third hand” a fishing rod holder is a must have accessory that secures your fishing rod on the side of the deck, or the ... read more rub rails while allowing you to move around or even handle another rod.

What materials are best for fishing rod holders?

Holders for fishing rods are made from several materials. Each material will have its unique characteristics. The most common materials are as follows:

• Aluminum: The rods are light and quite attractive. But, too much salt water may cause corrosion.

• Stainless Steel: They are extremely durable and resistant to corrosion or rust. Usually, they are the most expensive.

• PVC (Polyvinyl chloride): They are affordable, resistant to corrosion, and come in many designs. However, they aren’t as strong as stainless steel.

Fishing Poll Holders and Racks

Types of Fishing Rod Holders

A single fishing rod holder can cater to one rod at a time while a multiple can hold more than one fishing rod at a time. After that, classification is based on design or installation type.

• Flush/drill mount holder: The holder is buried inside the gunnel or along the transom. It involves boring the surface.

• Simple deck mount: The holder is attached on any flat/level surface. A bolt may be used to secure it properly.

• Clamp mount: The holder is fixed on the boat’s external rails. Used in situations where the space is limited making a deck, or flush mount won’t be appropriate.

• Adjustable: The opening and height can be adjusted to suit a fishing rod. It can be a flush, clamp, simple or tubular.

• Tube holders: This comprises of a long tubular opening where the rod slides in.

• Quick release: Feature a mechanism that assists an angler to remove the rod quickly when a fish is on the line.

The aim of any angler, whether a beginner or a pro, is to have a stress-free fishing expedition. The right equipment will not only save you energy and time, but will make the whole experience memorable. Choose for all your fishing needs.
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